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The Accura Way
(What We Do and How We Do It)

State of Industry

Construction projects are complicated, and all parties - clients , contractors and subcontractors - expect the work to be done on-time and on budget.

But delays and cost overruns happen frequently due to workforce challenges, increasing materials costs, poor communication, and other unforeseen circumstances.

When delays and cost increases happen, the affected parties don't always communicate in line with contract requirements. Actual loss or the risk of loss can lead to accusations between parties, creating tension that only makes the problem worse. When on either side of the claim, you need to objectively identify what happened and who is responsible. This requires forensic expertise.

Many of the solutions out there are severely inadequate: Claims consultants are incentivized to prolong the process. The customer has been burned in some way by the experience - for example: after an expensive and lengthy process, the cookie- cutter report that they received didn't actually solve the problem.

Our Solution - The Accura Way

To solve the problem, you need to use facts (what happened, who is responsible) to show cause. A professional, objective approach can reduce stress, anxiety, and frustration.

Solving the problem requires the precision of true quantum and delay experts.

As chartered quantity surveyors, we dig deeper into the whole contract and forensically assess the scope of work, the specification and the drawings. We compare them to the current matters in dispute. We then put forward reasoned technical arguments based on facts and evidence so you can settle the dispute.